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Cocotalk Podcast

Sep 3, 2019

We attended a breathworkshop called "The O2 Awakening" with Helle Weston and Lukis Mac in Gold Coast, Queensland.

We walked in carrying a shit load of baggage as individuals and as a couple. We had zero expectations and did not realise how life changing it would be for us as partners. This workshop brought up a lot of old trauma, old conditioning and limiting beliefs. It gave us a new perspective on life!

The benefits of The O2 Awakening span from increased energy and mental clarity to emotional clearing, forgiveness, increased intuition and joy.

If you'd like to learn more about The O2 Awakening, check out their website or follow them on insta. They have plenty of free resources for you to start your breathwork journey today and keep an eye out as they travel the world to deliver these powerful workshops.

@theo2awakening @helle_weston @lukismac

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